UN 3481, Lithium Ion Batteries PI966 - Section I


Cells and/or batteries must be completely enclosed in inner packaging then placed in a strong rigid  outer packaging; or must be completely enclosed in inner packaging then placed with equipment in a  strong rigid outer packaging. The equipment must be secured against any movement within the outer  packaging and must be equipped with an effective means of preventing accidental activation.
Maximum number of batteries /cells per package = those necessary to power the equipment plus 2  spares sets. (A set of cells or batteries is the number of individual cells or batteries that are required to  power each piece of equipment).
Maximum net quantity of lithium batteries or cells per package is 5 kg for Passenger and Cargo Aircraft
(PAX) and 35 kg for Cargo Aircraft Only (CAO) shipments.

Package test: Packing group II performance standards. UN specification packaging is required.

Passenger aircraft:
Max: 5 kg.
Cargo aircraft:
Max: 35 kg.

  • Shipper's Declaration is required

  • Airwaybill statement

    • "Dangerous Goods as per associated DGD" or "Dangerous goods as per associated Shipper's Declaration"

    • "Cargo Aircraft Only" or "CAO" (Only when CAO was chosen)

Labeling and Marking:

Only when CAO used: