DG Packaging B.V. is an independent Dutch based company affiliated with a global network of companies, each having numerous years of experience in dangerous goods packaging and freight and run by a team of dedicated professionals. 

Regardless on the location, DG Packaging is able to provide a complete set of dangerous goods packing, consultancy, training and logistics support services to our valued customers.

Our team’s major objective is in providing the highest level of service possible, encompassing all areas of dangerous goods handling, specialized packaging materials, and transportation of cargo, ensuring compliance with the IATA-, ADR-, IMDG-, RID- Dangerous Goods Regulations.

We deliver our services with speed and efficiency, but never compromising on safety - our first priority.

In the Netherlands, DG Packaging is an E-License (to article 9 of the decree on transport of Dangerous Goods) certified company/. This is an official governmental recognition for transport by air to act on behalf of third parties as sender, taking over full shippers legal responsibility. Only a select number of DG handling companies in the Netherlands have been granted this status by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Environment and Transport.


Our Corporate Philosophy: Safety - Our first priority

At DG Packaging, we make it a point to prioritize safety excellence in every aspect of our business. Our team's passion, commitment and contribution are some of the driving factors here that have propelled us to the stage of global success. Our organization's commitment to good corporate governance sets out several factors that involve us going beyond what is required of us. We don't do good, we do great.
  • We go beyond the compliance of local and international regulations to provide tailored solutions to each of our customers.
  • We continuously and systematically develop our management and operational systems to improve our services.
  • We provide training and knowledge dissemination programs to our organization's employees and the relevant stakeholders on a regular basis.
  • We practise emergency preparedness and our response for emergency management.


  • Dangerous Goods Packaging, Marking and Labelling
  • Dangerous Goods Repackaging Services (Same day service inclusive of pickup and delivery)
  • Preparation of Dangerous Goods Declaration
  • On-site Repacking and Inspection Services
  • Dangerous Goods Local Pick-up and Delivery
  • International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air
  • Decanting and Palletizing Services
  • Provision of Dry Ice & Gel Packs for Temperature Control
  • In-house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors


  • IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • Recurring IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • IATA DGR Radio Active
  • Transport of Dangerous Goods by air awareness training
  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods training
  • Recurring IMDG course
  • ADR Transport of Dangerous Goods by road (all classes)
  • Dangerous Goods Security Advisor (ADR) training
  • Airfreight security training courses (security awareness and Air Cargo Security Advisor)


  • IATA (Air)
  • ADR (Road)
  • RID (Rail)
  • IMDG (Sea)
  • AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)
  • Regulated Agent (Erkent Luchtvrachtagent)

Quality Assurance

All of DG Packaging’s activities are performed in accordance with the global safety standards: IATA/ICAO regulations for the safe handling and transport of Dangerous Goods. Our representatives are always kept up-to-date and familiar with the latest regulatory environment to ensure safe and timely transportation of DG cargo.