UN3091, Lithium Metal Batteries/Cells contained in equipment – PI970 Section II


The equipment must be packed and secured and/or cushioned to prevent any movement in strong rigid outer packaging, constructed of suitable material of, adequate strength and design in relation to the packaging's capacity and its intended use. 

Where multiple pieces of equipment are packed in the same outer packaging, each piece of equipment must be packed to prevent contact with other equipment.

Passenger aircraft:
Max. net quantity per package: 5 kg.
Cargo aircraft:
Max.  net quantity per package:   5 kg.

“The maximum net quantity” is the weight of the batteries/cells inside of 1 package excluding the equipment.

  • Air Waybill must include;
    • "Lithium metal batteries in compliance with Section II of PI970" In the box "Nature and Quantity of Goods"

Note: The Lithium Battery Mark and above mentioned statement are not required for packages containing only Button cell batteries installed in equipment (including circuit boards.)

Labeling and Marking: