Dangerous goods consultancy

Handling, packing and transport of Dangerous Goods are subject to rules and regulations. This includes transportation by Air (IATA / ICAO), Road (ADR), Rail (RID) and or Water (IMDG). All companies and staff working with and/or transporting dangerous substances, have to comply to these rules and regulations by law. Not doing so can pose a potential danger to people, environment and properties. Potential hazardous consequences therefore must be avoided. Our team of consultants advise, train and guide our customers and their employees through the execution process of shipping and storing dangerous goods. These regulations are complex and often raise questions. We offer advice to our customers in regard to how to store, handle and ship dangerous goods safely and correctly. Making sure your legal responsibilities are met. Audit and risk assessments at customers premises may be required.


  • IATA (Air)
  • ADR (Road)
  • RID (Rail)
  • IMDG (Sea)
  • AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)
  • Regulated Agent (Erkent Luchtvrachtagent)